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Winter Training Strategies

Training is easy when the sun is shining, the temperatures are warm and the daylight hours are longer. But with winter now officially here, the colder temperatures and darkness setting in before you even get home from work, enthusiasm and motivation can very easily waver.

So to help you remain inspired and passionate for your training and upcoming events, below are some strategies for you to try;

  • Decent Kit! If you have good quality clothing, training in the colder temperatures or wet and windy conditions really is no problem. Put your layers on and get out into the elements – you know as soon as you get going you will warm up. And remember – you won’t melt in the rain! So head to your favourite outdoor clothing store and grab yourself a few essential items to keep you warm and safe.
  • Feel Good Factor. You know how good you feel after any training session right?! So if you are feeling sluggish, think about how awesome you will feel after you have been out there and done it, and how good the hot shower will be when you get home.
  • Make it an Adventure. It may be wet and windy…but that just adds to the challenge and fun of the session. Get those layers on and face the elements…push the boundaries (safely) and see how capable you are. You may just surprise yourself!
  • Team up with your Mates. Keep yourself accountable by organizing to do your session with a mate. Or join in with a group. Training with others has many benefits so don’t feel you always have to go it alone. Check out the fun and friendly Team CP group sessions available every week;
  • Stay Healthy. Respect your rest days and avoid over training and fatiguing your body. With winter ills and chills in the air, you are more likely to become unwell if your body is already run down. So train sensibly, keep warm, prioritize sleep (this is important!), fuel your body well and ensure you are getting plenty of the right nutrients on board to keep yourself fit and healthy.
  • Make it a Journey. Training for an event is a journey so ensure you make it fun. Add variety into your sessions, explore new places, make a day of it with family or friends…this way you are creating a story and many awesome memories, making the end result of crossing that finish line so much more rewarding.

Winter is simply a season and we are fortunate to have such a varied climate that allows us to experience and enjoy such a wide variety of absolutely awesome activities. So embrace it, relish the extra challenge and continue doing what you love year round.