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Trusting the Process – Jennifer McBride

Five more sleeps…… I would be lying if I said I wasn’t a little bit nervous….Even though it has been months in the making, it still feels like marathon day is coming around way too fast! Last week was my first of two taper weeks and it feels very odd to be having at least every second day as a rest day. Am not used to having so much down time and have to admit that I have had the odd moment of freaking out and thinking that I should be doing more to prepare. However, Richard assures me that in these two final weeks, less is more! So, I am doing as the schedule says and have been doing some faster, but much shorter runs interspersed with rest days.

I am fortunate that another CP member, Charlene is also doing the Queenstown marathon and we met up last week to discuss progress and how our runs are going. We talked about not taking any run for granted and respect what each runs gives to the overall training plan. I did my last long run (22km) last Sunday and I have to admit I neglected a lot of my usual preparation. Just 22kms I thought, I’ll be fine (seemed much easier than having to do 30 or 35km…) Usually before a long run I would have a quiet night at home making sure I was rested and prepared for the run the next day. However last weekend I went out the night before, consumed a smorgasbord of bbq food (including copious amounts of dessert!), then, being tired from the festivities the night before, I slept later than I planned and didn’t allow enough time between breakfast and running. Needless to say my run was a very looong one and the most of my run was spent lamenting about what I should have done for preparation. In hind sight I would never go and do a half a marathon without good mental and physical preparation, including being conscious of my nutrition, so I am not sure why I thought I could get away doing a training run of similar distance with the preparation that I did on Saturday!

So, back to the business of trusting the process – even though I am nervous about race day, I have every intention of enjoying the day as much as I have the journey of training for a run of this distance.   There is something a little bit exciting about doing something out of your comfort zone….