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Soren Hall

What event are your training for and what is your goal?
Longest Day C2C 2019. Goal is to finish before the sun goes down and have fun.

What it is your motivation for wanting to achieve this?
As an endurance athlete, the C2C is something i have wanted to do for a while. Having recently been posted to Burnham ( yes I am in da Army ), this is my chance to tick this epic, iconic race off.

What is your background and how did you get into your sport?
Former A grade cyclist, then Endro cycling, to Ironman NZ ( 5 finishes, pb of 10:13hrs ) and a few ultra marathons. I got into individual sport after 12 ish years of playing Football (Soccer) as I found myself having a different work ethic than the rest of the team.

What is your favourite event/or training mission so far?
Got to be Ironman NZ for the challege and atmosphere. Tarawera Trail 50km for the journey, a great trail run with heaps of variety. In regards to training, i really look forward to the 15hr training weekends….sicko.

As above.

What is your favourite training ride/run/kayak/swim etc?
Ride would have to be around Apiti in the Manawatu, 130ish kms of hills. Run would be around Lake Rotoiti, do try it! Kayak, still a novice with limited experience, that will change! Swim has to be Lake Taupo, in fact any swim in fresh water, Lake Rotoiti is a close second, even with the huge eels.

Who is your inspiration?
Me in 6 months.

Who is your biggest fan?
My two girls, Taryn and Jessica.

Do you have an inspirational quote that you would like to share?
Do or do not, there is no Tri….lol Yes its a play on words for all the Triathletes

What is your favourite recovery food?
Chocolate Milk, hence my failure to ever to down to race weight.

Any other comments?
Stop making excuses and get off the couch.