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Rebuild Rule #1 – Be kind to yourself.

All positive steps start with this rule.

Look after your mind and body by treating yourself to the good things in life!
Run a bath, eat well, get good sleep, don’t allow negative self talk and try to keep positive people in your corner.

Being kind to yourself means listening to what your body needs and actually doing it – and being ok with it rather than being hard on yourself. I found this one pretty tough.

Especially when it comes to not being able to do as much, or any, of the activities you usually do. Also when you can do them, but cant achieve the same pace or feeling that you used to. Be kind to yourself. FOMO, feeling like your letting people down, and setting high expectations for yourself are a brutal combo. I found that if I’m able to frame my efforts in a positive way, it gives me confidence to keep going and I end up doing more. For example, I used to get upset if I tried exercise and failed miserably, having to stop after 10min so wouldn’t do anything. But re-framing it means that now I get super stoked and proud if I get on my wind trainer for 10 or so minutes, because it’s still a step in the right direction! And being happy with that means I’ll do it much more often.

Be kind – it’s so simple, but so important. And definitely something I will continue to work on myself.