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Rachel Baker – GODZone



CP Superstar, Rachel Baker, has shared with us her thoughts on why she LOVES adventure racing. Thanks Rach!

The weeks have flown by since One NZ GODZone Chapter 11, making it a distant memory already.
I have struggled to sum it so here are a few reasons why I love adventure racing and what I enjoyed or didn’t while out there.
1. You visit some amazing places you might have not otherwise. The Takitimu Mountains were epic.
2. Fun & fantastic teammates you get to hang out with. Thanks @martinpeat, @meyer.2023 and Dean!
3. Working together as a team to conquer the mystery course where you never know what might happen.
4. You get to be outside all week and sleep in interesting places.
5. Pushing yourself mentally and physically to your limits. There is always going to be suffering at points, it just needs to embraced as part of the adventure. There were points for all of us but we supported each other an got through them.
6. There strategy and skill involved which makes things interesting.
7. Overall Adventure Racing is fun otherwise why would we do it?
We couldn’t have had this adventure without our amazing support crew of Mum, Kate, Blake and Mason. Thank you!
Thanks @gearshopnz for supporting us!
Thanks James, @ric.greer, @kimvargo, for supporting me with my crazy goals.