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Proactive versus Reactive – taking charge of your time

I thought that I would share something that I read the other day that I felt was very good and summed up how we can be managing a busy modern life.  What should we be focussing on to make sure that we fit our weekly training sessions in and do all of the things that we need to do…

“The more that you know what you really want, and where you are really going, the more what everybody else is doing starts to diminish.  The moments when your own path is at it’s most ambiguous, that’s when the voices of others, the distracting chaos in which we live, the social media static start to loom large and become very threatening” (Alain de Botton, 2016)

Be proactive rather than reactive by…

  • Checking your messages when you have made time to do so.
  • By training during the time that you have set aside.
  • By planning your week and making time for the must do things.
  • By having a rest day when you have planned.
  • By focusing on your race plan rather than following others.

Often we become very reactive by opening that final email before we head out on our training run and subsequently get caught up in the reply. So over the coming work week go remind yourself of your summer goals, get on the front foot and be proactive with your focus and time.