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Tena koutou,

Mt Montgomery -Peak #21

A Christmas Eve adventure- oh what spectacular fun!

For those that have not heard the three words; Old Ghost Road

This is a magical trail through Aotearoa’s West Coast bush- access to this area is a true gift we have been bestowed.

Mountain biking 18km up the encouraging gradient to the Saddle of Lyell,

Enshrouded by gorgeous green bush- one could not help but smile.

And then came the lookout from the magnificently situated Lyell Hut,

And then the wee surprise of a less gentle climb up!

As we climbed out of the bush and begun the traverse

“We are so lucky to be born in NZ”, “holy moly”, “WOW” were the words we did converse.

The outlook was so stunning it made us stop and stare,

We felt so very grateful to be fit and healthy enough to spend Christmas here.

Mt Montgomery was a slight hike detour off the MTB track,

To add to the enjoyment of the view we enjoyed a Marshmallow Santa snack.

Looking out along a narrow ridge to the next part of the track,

We deeply inhaled in amazement- how did people build that!?

We waved goodbye to our outlook; 1332m above the sea,

Skipped back down to our MTBs,

Then tackled that grand trail we did see….YIPEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

Til later this week when I get up to date with my peaks,