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Mauri ora,

Peak #12,

Entailed a walk to Brewster Hut,

This was not a long walk…

But a walk that went straight up!

This peak is near Haast Pass,

In the green and bushy Westland,

Adventuring with my comrade Nina; I knew it would be grand!

Leading us on this journey was Rob who works for DOC,

If anyone else has experienced a walk with a DOC worker….you pretty much have to trot!

But first we crossed a river,

At first touch it froze our toes,

And as we edged further across it, the freezing pain rose.

So after some melodramatic exclamations,

Our numb toes lead us up into the bush,

Thanks Rob for being patient and not telling us to ”Shoosh!”

Despite the rooty, uneven terrain I opted to ditch my boots for running shoes,

This seemed to work better for my often unreliable ankle, therefore it will be my shoes I continue to use.

At the top we were greeted by towering mountains and surrounding snowy peaks,

Yet T-shirt and shorts and a sunhat, was all we needed for this peak of the week.

Tawhirimatea (God of the wind) was sleeping,

And we nearly had a sleep too,

But I fought to keep my eyes open,

To absorb the spectacular view.

At the time the downhill seemed comfortable,

Alas, my legs were anything but comfortable the next day,

My legs were sore to walk and sore to bike,

DOMS* had come out to play!

*delayed onset muscle soreness

Til next week,