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Mauri ora,

Peak # 11

And the last report was peak #7…

It is not my peaking that has slipped off the radar,

But rather my internet communication from afar.

Peak 8-10 will be communicated soon,

But here is #11; up Mt Richardson I did hoon (read hike-a-bike),

Midgies, mud and unrideable (for me) gradient greeted me at the Blowhard track,

It turns out the name is really quite apt!

As I pushed my bike up this rough muddy stuff,

I wondered ‘can I even ride down this?’ or am I wasting my puff!

Eventually I emerged out of the trees,

And into the sunshine and a rather strong breeze.

The final vista was lovely to see

And as I crested the top a 4year old and a 7year old stood smiling at me!

The descent was exhilarating and mainly out of control,

”Relax, eyes up, just let it roll!”

Somehow I managed to stay on my bike,

I made it down mainly biking…with just a tiny bit of hike!

Again this challenge has made me explore;

A peak I’d not been up and only an hour from my door.

11 Peaks in and the challenge is still fun,

Especially now with more daylight and hours of sun!

Til next week,