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Peak #7

Mauri Ora,

Peak #7 was a Tuesday night amble,

With the glorious company of Scott up a local hill.

Half way through the MTB grovel that is Rapaki Track,

I realised I won’t be here on the weekend, I’ll be in China in fact!

So tonight is the night to check off a peak,

For I’ve no idea what terrain in China I’ll meet!

Part way through Mt Vernon MTB trail, off our bikes we did leap,

And opted to walk up the path to the top….it is rather steep!

A view similar to last week and in fact the week before,

But these views never get boring,

They just inspire me to find more!

Looking along the peaks at the top of the Port Hills,

I spotted Peak #5 and #6, that have already provided view thrills.

The next peak shall be from China or maybe Malaysia;

A new dimension to my travel adventure!

Til next week,