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Peak #4

Mauri Ora koutou!
Peak of the Week #4
I was in such a state of excitement to don my running shoes and frolic into the Alexandra hills in glorious sunshine with glorious company on Saturday that I forgot to take my camera! Footloose and camera free we galloped up to that curious clock and beyond into the never ending trails of the Alexandra Hills. I found myself wondering how I have driven through this town so many times and not yet ventured into the world of adventure that awaits beyond that very curious clock!
Twas a smaller peak than the my previous 3 and I failed to commit the height to memory, but the sheer delight in being able to transport myself to a peak in my running shoes (a first since an injury in May put a firm halt on running endeavors) made the view to the surrounding mountains every bit as glorious as the view from the greater heights of the last 3 weeks.

Til next week,