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Peak #32- Black Hill

This large ‘hill’ peaks at 1335meters,

Beautiful bush and a hut with a fire are two of it’s finest features.

The bush provided great shelter from the water constantly falling out of the sky,

And the beaut fire in Black Hill Hut allowed our boots, socks coats and hats to dry.

Again it must be said this lovely peak was so near,

A shade over an hour in the car and we were there.

We being Scott (a regular peak of the week goer), Rids (undeterred by the viewless Mt Thomas 2 weeks ago), Liv (first time Peak-of-the-weeker, but back for more no doubt) and Puke (the Pukeko),

Who despite having no raincoat, always comes back for more!

We are all quite excited to head back to the Hill named Black,

But upon two wheels on the Whardale Track- it looks rad!

Til next week,