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A week of R&R

Since competing in the Coast to Coast I have really struggled with getting out and training again. It has felt like a chore and the couch has won on most occasions. When I chose going to the dentist instead of an awesome cross fit session I knew something wasn’t quite right. So I decided to own up to my lack of motivation and discuss it with Richard, my coach. He was great at putting my mind at ease and I no longer feel guilty for not wanting to train. You see, he explained that what I was feeling was quite normal especially after all the hype of such a massive event. He said usually 2 weeks of doing very little usually helps, but if it takes 4 weeks then that is ok too. “Yes” I feel a lot better knowing that I can rest without feeling guilty.

I am now almost a 1 week into my 2 weeks of rest and feeling so much better. I’ve also managed to catch up on a lot netflix. I have been for few walks and I’m starting to think that maybe I do want to do the City2Surf. Actually yup I think I will do it. I don’t think I will go hard and may end up walking a majority of it. My goal to just go out and enjoy running and doing something again. The weather also looks better this year with a comfortable 19degrees and overcast.

So here is hoping next weeks blog report will also be a race report. On another note I am due for my scans in the next couple of week, fingers crossed there is no change.