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Peak #24

Tena koutou,

Peak # 24,

Sunshine, beautiful views, new roads, fantabulous company,

One could not ask for more (though I may have been heard asking for ice-cream)

I bet them folks way down there on that giant cruise ship have ice-cream,

But hey, they sure haven’t seen the glorious peak vista I’ve seen.

The name of this Peak is a mystery, though it lies in the Mystery Peaks,

It was a jolly long, hot, MTB climb, short, vertical walk combo above 700m this week.

My flying fit Pioneer teammate and explorer Nina is known for singing on her bike,

However the gradient inhibited singing whilst climbing to this great height.

We looked down to Akaroa Harbour on one side,

And on the other Stony and Flee Bay,

The latter of which we had gleefully explored earlier on this 30 degree day.

You can spot the long winding road up in the photos- it provided a long lasting, rewarding downhill

Ending at the beach in Akaroa for a refreshing swim- nature is such a thrill!

Til next week,