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Peak #18

Mauri ora,

Peak #18 was the Cragieburn Range,

And what glorious weather Ranginui did arrange,

For after pedalling up the road to the ski field,

Not even a glimmer of a mountain outlook this effort did yield!

Alas, after climbing up to 1368 metres,

The thrill of a single track down hill could not be defeated.

Happy thrill morphed to nervous thrill during the Scree slope sidling,

But the roots and the rocks and the trees soon had me back smiling.

It was super to be in the company of Richard, Alistair and Jake,

Chat on the uphill and entertainment on the downhill (thanks Jake),

An interesting adventure this company did make.

A point of significance is the start time of this journey

4.40am (that is not a typo)…..never before have I risen to ride my bike this early!

Apparently this is the way of life once you have kids,

I packed extra fruit cake to uplift my eyelids!

My post peak sandwich is also worthy of a mention,

-so gloriously satisfying, not even the renowned Sheffield Pie shop could grab my attention.

Homemade Italian herb bread, lined with Scott’s homemade tomato relish,

Chamois salami (thanks to my brother) and home-grown lettuce,

The group concurred this Sammy was delish!

Til next week,