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Peak #17

Mauri ora,

Peak 17 was a local Mount,

The fun rides I have had up this one total too many to count.

Yet this peak of the week adventure had a different twist,

For it was the route up a gravel road on a road bike with which we did persist.

It wasn’t entirely pleasant as my tyres spun round-

But I did not seem to gain any ground!

Pleasant was my company (Scott) and of course the view,

And the sense of satisfaction of taking a route that was new.

The downhill on the gravel was where the pleasantries stopped,

And I was thankful neither of us had a tyre that popped!

It should also be mentioned that last weeks Mt Bradley made up a great deal of our view from Mt Pleasant, (as highlighted by Puke in the photo)

It was exciting to stand there and reflect on where many hours last Sunday were spent!

Til next week,