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Pauline’s Marathon Journey

pauline lay QT1I don’t like running. I never thought I would run 10k let alone a marathon, but here I am training for my second marathon in two years. Even reading back that last sentence sounds like a lie but it’s all true. So what happened? Well it all started about eight years ago when my husband started running. I was not supportive of his new hobby. I saw it as a selfish sport that was taking him away from the family and using up too much of our time. Running had become his Mistress. To his credit he didn’t let my negative attitude stop him and he kept running. When he entered his first Christchurch Half Marathon the kids and I were dragged out of bed and lined the streets of Christchurch in negative degrees waiting for a glimpse of him has he ran past.

I guess that is when it all started for me. While we waited for Mike to finish we got to witness some inspirational people cross the line. The overweight women who are giving it their all as they near the finish line is really an impressive sight and the thought that went through my head was “if they can do it so can I”. The sight of little kids with their Dad’s holding up signs saying “Go Mum” still inspires me and brings a tear to my eye. I wanted a piece of this!

So at the age of 40 I started to run. My first run was down to the bottom of the farm and back. Of course I had driven the track first to see how many k’s it was – 3km. Great! This will be easy. I made a couple of my kids come with me and when we got to the bottom of the farm I stopped and threw up. My kids thought it was hilarious. I was ashamed. I had always thought I was one of those naturally fit people. What a reality check! I walked most of the way home.

pauline L1So roll on 6 years and I have completed 14 half marathons, a few 10 and 5k’s, and last year I ran and finished the Queenstown Marathon!! As I said I don’t like running but I love finishing!

On 18 October 2015 I will be lining up with thousands of others at the start line of the Melbourne Marathon. Scary! But with Richard’s no fail coaching regime I know we can do it and as I said to him last time, “I will do everything you ask of me and if I don’t finish, it will be your fault”. A great coach needs a challenge too!!