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Lessons learnt.

img_4044Ok, so after a quick read of my previous post Ive realised Ive got a lot to catch you all up one. The first exciting news is 4 weeks on from breaking my finger I am now typing with two hands!!!
It has been about 3 weeks since my last post and with the school holidays being in play, I have a lot to talk about.  Mike and I have been on many 3 and half hour walks (being thats all I could do) and have the Mt Pleasant – summit road- Sumner – Ferrymead walk sorted. Most of our walks even had us with our heads in the clouds!! We are now at the point where we are running down at great speed, until we hit the flat of course. I also did Mt Isobel in Hanmer with my wonderful friend (that is coming to Florence for New Years), Kellie. We hiked up to the top and got to take in the incredible views, and snow, I really felt like I was on top of the world and then enjoyed the very quick run back down!! Its fair to say though that that was the hardest walk I had done and it took a good 3 days for by poor, obviously underworked legs to recover. Mike and I had also been on a few good wee runs and have managed to find a good speed that we can both cruise and talk at.

Cycling outside and kayaking unfortunately had to take a back seat while my poor wee finger healed. But of course I was determined to make the most of the down time and work on my strength. With the wind-trainer set up in front of the TV and some Good Wife episodes to watch I started interval training and strength training. I have grown to love the determination required for the wind trainer and find it a lot harder than biking outside.

This now leads me to our first duathlon. A 35km ride followed by a 14km run. This was going to be the first race where I could practise nutrition and the transition. Richard and I had put together a plan and should everything go the way we wanted with my finger (removing the splint so I can actually brake) I was ready to go. The goal to finish! Now for the last week I have been trying to sum up this race in the most diplomatic way. Yes I managed to do it and finish it so goal achieved. Yes I learnt a lot, like, I need to eat and drink or I hit a MASSIVE wall that I struggle to get over and I need to get over the fact that someone has to be last and that may be me. No I didn’t enjoy it. Actually thats not completely true andimg_3429 although we had a head wind both ways on the bike I really enjoyed this part of this race and felt stronger and fitter, which is ironic because this was the part I was so nervous about. The run however, well that was mind game after mind battle and I really don’t think I would have made it to the finish line without Mike willing me on, my parents willing me on and of course Richard, my coach. (glad I convinced Mike to do the Coast to Coast with me).
On the kayak front I have bought a kayak and will hopefully get out next week, now that I have been given the go ahead from the doctors.
On a side note my finger is quite entertaining at the moment. It is stuck in one position and with all my might I can not move it. I look very posh with it stuck out. We are hoping this isn’t permanent and with some exercise it will hopefully start moving again.

Finally in the next couple of weeks we have our grade 2 kayak course (eek!!!), mission mt somers (21km trial run/walk/limp). We also have the crater rim this weekend which will be my first run with my sister so very excited – goal is to not give up. And of course lots of little finger exercises.