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Isobel Stout – The eve of an event

It’s raining. Rats. Last weekend was glorious! But together with Fleur we always have a ‘plan B’ if not plans C and D as well sometimes! I really love having a coach that relieves me of having to think about all the ‘what ifs’ so I can be better prepared. Taking this load off me has meant I can assign myself to other tasks that also benefit from the same approach. I see this as a form of mental cross training. I’ve learned heaps lately. I’ve been so busy that the last two weeks have just flown by. I’ve been challenged too, the training programme is beginning to bite, but in a good way, the way that tells you this is working.

At the risk of sounding both a bit obsessed and a lot derivative, I am reminded of the motto ‘does this make the boat go faster?’ first used I think for rowing or sailing but is a useful catch all for thinking about what you’re doing, or about to do. I certainly don’t lack for motivation, my everyday hero page has received some awesome and very humbling donations this fortnight. That’s the goal, that’s my ‘boat’ going faster and the training for the 2UPTT event is getting my personal ‘boat’ going faster.

I can’t rate power yoga highly enough, I am finally starting to get the ‘power’ part as strength returns to long underused muscles. Recovery from the surgery is a long process and I will always have these physical limitations that I didn’t have before. Yoga works on both the physical side, lengthening and strengthening the body and on the mental side, being present with whatever the situation is at that time, accepting that this is how it is right now, and only right now.

Someone a lot wiser than me said ‘everyone feels pain but you choose whether to suffer’.

So the event I refer to in the title is the CP Team Brunch Ride. For me this is an event. The first group ride I’ve undertaken in years. I am a bit nervous but I am really looking forward to meeting more of the CP Team and what’s more I have my CP team kit to show off. Shame it might have to be hidden under a rain jacket though. See you out there!