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Isobel – OK this is getting silly: yet more challenges

I’m beginning to think that there’s something out there determined to thwart my every effort at getting to Coronet Peak in March. For those of you who need a recap or are new to this blog, the story so far goes like this… A charity that helped me begin my recovery from cancer treatment launches a new event, the 2 Up Mountain Time Trial set down for March 12, 2016. Then the event gets postponed for a year to 2017 but I am going to do it anyway. Training starts to hum. I have a terrific recce in Queenstown in November. I need more treatment to help get over the side effects of the original treatment and that takes me away from training a bit. Then my Mum falls ill and dies in hospital December 29 and I really don’t feel like training at all. Now my husband, the key support in my life, can’t make the March date…

Add in the rotten weather lately and here I am having to do a major re-think of the whole plan. Fleur and I have pencilled in a series of lead up events with an eye on the last week of April for the assault on Coronet. First up is the Masters Games in Dunedin over Waitangi, this will strictly be training for me but I hope it’s fun none the less. Then it’s the Run to Remember (or walk in my case), followed by the Petit Le Race and the Graperide Taster. It’s all very well seeing it written on paper but I have to confess that my concentration on the task has taken a big hammering. To that end then I’ve been on some brain training in Auckland and have learned some new mental techniques to apply to myself in my mission. Check out Rick Hanson, the man is awesome!

I did think about all those stairs in the Sky Tower but had to settle for these little ones instead! skytower akld