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Holiday’s, adventures and Coast to Coast – Rachel Baker

There is only a week until Coast to Coast (C2C)! I’m doing the two day C2C which involves a 3km run, 55km cycle and 32km run on Day 1. Day 2 is a 15km cycle, 67km kayak and a 70km cycle into Christchurch. I’m starting to get excited and am working through my race prep – sorting gear, nutrition and my race plan. Racing is just one part of the adventure; training for the race has been a journey in itself.


GodZone Pursuit team before heading out on the second day sea kayaking.

I did a few races in 2015 on my build up to C2C. After Spring Challenge I turned my focus to C2C, spending the last couple of months

training for it along with GodZone Pursuit. I finished the first year of my degree in sustainably and outdoor education in 2015 and then hit the holidays. My summer job has pretty much been training with a bit of holidaying. By holidaying, I mean going to different locations to train and doing some fun training with different people. I visited Wellington and had an epic tramping mission in the Tarauras – 19 hours tramping in one day including ‘bagging’ six huts along the way. Next, was mountain biking in Taupo and Rotorua and spending some time with family. After Christmas, I joined my Godzone Pursuit teammates in Nelson for a week’s training. We did an epic three-day tramp in the Richmond Range which involved navigating our way to set checkpoint’s/controls. It involved long days and a mix of on and off-track tramping. After a rest day, we headed out to the sounds for an overnight sea kayak trip and even saw Orcas.

Back in Christchurch I started focusing on C2C training. I did some training on the C2C course. I went through the run course to work out the lines/route choices, which was fun. I also did a couple of gorge trips to work on my whitewater paddling in a multisport kayak. I was a happy after my last trip as I got through without swimming. I’ve been getting out for some cycle training.

goats pass 2

Hut Bagging on Goats pass the C2C run route.

With only a week to go I’ve started to taper. My goal now is to make the start line in one piece, full of energy and ready to race. I am looking forward to going hard, having a good race and some fun!