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Isobel – Getting into the serious end of the season

Today is the original date for the inaugural two up mountain time trial at Coronet Peak. It’s been postponed to 2017 but I was still hoping to do it around this time but all kinds of personal events overtook me and I’m on track now for the last week of April. In the lead up then I’ve planned a series of events to break up the training and extend my experience. Next up then was last Sunday’s Canterbury Cycling Development Trust’s road race at Cust. Owing to road works outside Rangiora the course was altered to an out and back of the Ashley Gorge. I like this route better anyway, way more interesting than the flat bits! It also means you get to see the leading bunches coming back towards you. I was really pleased with how I paced myself and my food and fluids, it was around 30C up there. Great to see some other Team CP folk too. It wasn’t until I was browsing the results the next day or so that I realised I’d actually come second in my age group. Holy moly that’s my first ever podium finish when there have actually been more than three people entered!

Next up is Le Petite Race so I have been hill climbing at almost every opportunity. Nasty little pitches like Whaka Tce, fell off on Hollis Ave, Kennedys Bush, Dyers Pass. Vanessa has been outstandingly patient with me on Wednesday evenings, I’m pretty darn slow but I get there eventually. This morning I set out from Lyttelton to ride around to Diamond Harbour. Boy was it cold! The weather has suddenly gone from 30C to 3C but it was sunny and calm. This has to be one of the most scenic rides almost anywhere and it was simply beautiful out there. I came back over on the Ferry in time to check out the market too! It doesn’t feel like training at all and that’s just magic. me @ DH

That doesn’t mean I don’t get tired and stiff though, I just have so much fun doing so I hardly notice at the time. I head off to yoga to undo the stiffness and tackle the tiredness by not gardening! Managing my energy has been quite different post chemo, that and just plain old getting older I suspect has meant I don’t recover as fast as I used to. I’m more than OK though with going at my own pace even if that pace is pretty slow. I figure it just gives me more time to view the scenery. Onwards and upwards!