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Erin White – It’s the Final Countdown!

Ok, now Le Race is only a week away, my course ride went ok, hit a wee wall in the second half and took longer than I would have liked but I need to remember it was all by myself and race day is a different kettle of fish with bunches, people to chase and people to get away from to hopefully reduce my race time.


Overall, I am feeling pretty good about the race, I have a few concerns but they are more tactical than fitness related so hopefully I will have finalized my plan and worked them out come race day.  I have been working on my homework for Richard, having an event planning background it is probably slightly overkill but hey, I like my lists.


Only had to do one ride on the indoor trainer this week, with Geoff away, so I am pretty happy with that; thank you to Grandparents and Aunties and Uncles that have babysat.  Funnily enough couldn’t find anyone to babysit at 5.30am so I have been training in the daylight this week and I must say I have enjoyed it.  Not so much all the bugs about on the warmer evening rides (I seemed to swallow a fair few – extra protein!) but training in the daylight has been good.  Unfortunately, I managed to re-aggravate my hamstring which is frustrating being this close to the race and made even more frustrating by the fact it wasn’t even during training it was doing the lawn edges of all things!!


So with one week to go and this week being about the rest, planning and preparation, I am off to finish my lists and checklists I have decided on my theme song “Supermans got nothing on me” so if you come across someone singing this on the course, or saying wheee going down hills and around corners, or making car noises, that will be me 🙂