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Isobel – elated and gutted, all in one week.

It’s been a really extreme week for highs and lows. High because I’ve reached my first $1000 donated to my mission, gutted because the event I am training for has had to be postponed for a year. I understand the logistical road block (NZ Golf Open) that has occurred for 12 March 2016 but at the same time I am really disappointed too. However there was no decision required of me here, I am climbing that road up Coronet Peak on my bike in March 2016 even if there is no one else there. I am on track to raise the next $1000 too.fanfare I thought that Fanfare might be an appropriate picture. I keep climbing stairs, struggling up hills, trying to understand my own head, attend hospital appointments, go to work, practice yoga and just keep going. I can’t stop now. I am not going to stop now. I am still on a mission. Nothing has changed in respect of that.

 Besides I also have to keep challenging Fleur to find more steps in the hills.