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Charlene Smart: The life of a professional runner

At this current moment I am a professional runner, and by professional runner I mean that I am currently not working so have all the time in the world to run….

I was recently made redundant and finished working last week. I said to Richard until I manage to get myself another job that I would become a professional runner – perfect timing considering I have just over 6 weeks till my first marathon run! Just a shame I am not getting paid to professionally run….I need to find myself a sponsor or two (funny thing is I went into Shoe Clinic earlier in the week and brought a heap of Clif bars and gels and the lady said are you running one of their events? I said no I just like their products….so if you are from Clif I would love to get stuff for free and run with your logo…that is if you are looking for a semi-professional first time marathon runner….? No? damn)

In my first week as a professional runner I have actually read a book about a professional runner, Paula Radcliffe. Paula: my story so far. It was a great read and really put into perspective that no matter how professional you are or not so professional you are (like me) that we all experience the same sort of emotions, problems, injuries, lows and highs that other runners do. She is one incredibly lady, so many injuries that the average person would have no idea about! Recommend the book to anyone!

As I said, I am just over 6 weeks out from the marathon and I am feeling pretty good. I completed my first really long run on Sunday. I did my first every 30km run, it was tough, but I survived! Thanks in large part to Pauline who encouraged me the whole way, she was doing her last long run (21km) before her marathon in Melbourne next weekend and I am just starting the first of many long runs in the next few weeks before I taper.

The advantage of being a professional runner is that you can literally run whenever you like, no need for getting up super early to run before work and no need to leave your runs till the late afternoon after work. So far I am enjoying this flexibility and the ability to run whenever I like! Is this what it is like for the real professional runners? I have a feeling that their regimes could be slightly more hard out than mine!

We will see how my life as a professional runner goes over the next few weeks…..I do have some pretty long runs coming up (35km…ekkkk) wonder how real professional runners feel when they have to do these sort of runs…guess I will find out soon!

Below are some pics of my recent runs….incase you wanted to see!