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Grant Boyd takes on Ironman NZ 2018


Great to be sitting on the ferry in the Awatere plus lounge (free food, including lamingtons, and drink) on the way home. All good for recovery I am lead to believe.

I have had a great time at IMNZ, spent with Leah, friends, supporters and all other competitors.  The atmosphere at the race and around town, Iron Town –  Taupo Town is incredible.  It gets into your skin.

I can look back on the last 12 months and feel very satisfied.   I have nursed my achilles all year, and it hasn’t let me down. I have been lucky, but also managed my luck.  Training has always gone to plan. Pre build up racing went well.

My race went to plan. ‘My “A” Goal of 12.5 hours was always going to be tough, so to come in at 12:37 was a thrill I can’t explain, especially when I felt I struggled on the run. But like all struggles it needs putting in perspective. All other goals of improvement in each leg were achieved. Some significantly

I had an incredible swim, at 1.57 per 100 m and swimming 3870 m I could not have done any more. 1hr 15.  Big gain, 25 mins.  It was a battle out there for a big part of it with some swimmers consistently climbing up over me. Goggles off, arms and legs everywhere. Still, I hope that is never changed. It’s like nothing else in sport I have been involved with, and of course I started right near the front.  ?

The bike was consistent.  I tried to stick to 190 watts. Good speed at that without too high a heart rate. Leg one went really well, as did leg two. The third leg was out into a head wind and it showed with many suffering a wee bit more, including me.  Leg 4 I consolidated, not worrying about passing people, just ensuring I still came in about 5hr:50.  That’s a 20 minute gain on last year, so more than enough without being greedy and paying the price.

Transitions were good, and I started running well, maybe too good. That downhill start to the run, the crowds, the adrenaline from the last 10k downhill bike into town all kick in and make you feel bullet proof. Soon though it all changed, I felt dry, but I had was drinking and eating heaps. I wanted to lie down on the grass and go to sleep. I wanted to give up.  Can’t explain why, it was awful.

But I kept going, Leah came past on the bike encouraging me, with msgs of support from family. I needed that reminder. By 30 km and the last lap, it was a bit cooler, but still warm, and I was home ward bound, knowing I had a great overall time to protect. It got me home, along with the support from Leah and my friends, but the people of Taupo as well. 5hr 8 mins. Another PB for me.

Unbelievable to run up that Red carpet, high five’s from the crowd as well as Iron Mike who was calling the finish as I crossed the line.  Great celebration on the carpet. I earned it.  !

Why was it so hard, well when I look back, it’s simple.

I trained well, prepared well, ate and drank well.  I believe I did everything I could. No excuses. My story is like many others, and it was neat to share these experiences with others afterwards.

But it’s a race against the clock and more importantly myself, and I went bloody hard.

It’s a tough race.  That’s why they call it Iron Man.


Thanks every one for your support as always. It really does help.

A week off now with some light exercise and walks. I had a nice swim on Sunday, and will do yoga and a massage over the next week to help recover.

Looking forward now to racing with my Family, 70.3, Busselton. WA in May.

Goal for the next one – easy.  Blow it out of the park!!

Cheers Grant.