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Event Week Is Here!

As I was layering up to head out over the weekend for my last training ride at home I was thinking about the warmer temperatures that await, and how nice it will be to ride in short sleeves, and not with multiple layers on!

Velothon Sunshine Coast event week is here. The week that has been marked on my calendar for the past 5 months. The week that sees me head across to the beautiful Sunshine Coast to tackle my first road cycling stage race.

This week originally seemed so far away. Then suddenly it was down to 10 weeks…and I clearly remember sitting here writing about the need to refocus after a busy month, and prioritise the important training rides I needed to complete.

Since then I have no idea where those 9 weeks have gone! My focus has been strong, my training has been intense and my priorities have been all geared towards my goal.

As I make my final purchases of items I want to take with me, read through the Ride Guide and pack my gear, checking off my list as I go, I get butterflies in my stomach. The excited kind though. The nervous ones will come later in the week…

I am really looking forward to this adventure, experience and challenge. I am really happy with my training and the hard work I have put in. I feel organized and am pleased with my plan for the week, allowing me time to acclimatize when I arrive, rest before Day One and enjoy the whole experience.

When I set myself this challenge, I wanted the journey to be fulfilling and a complete experience, and to date it has been exactly that. So I really can’t wait for the final leg and to enjoy all that I have worked really hard for.

“Climb Mountains.
Not so the world can see you,
but so that you can see the world”.

Penelope Watson
Team CP Sports Coach