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Developing Habits

To be able to perform your best in the summer you need a good foundation. There are 5 fundamental components that make that foundation and they are…

  • Developing routine and consistency of training – habits
  • Preparing your body to train (Strength, Mobility)
  • Developing technique
  • Nutritious eating
  • Getting enough good sleep

If you can work on developing a good routine in Winter when it is dark and cold this sets a platform to work from when the days get longer. By developing that routine now it means that you can work out the best times that work for you to train with those important people in your life. Then when spring and summer roll around you can use this routine to launch from – using specific sessions to increase in intensity and duration.

Over time the routine will form into habit. Habits are easy, we don’t have to think hard, as it is just what we do. Habits can either be good or bad for us. They are tough to set up and tough to change but they start from developing a good routine. Over time this will form into habit and become your new normal.

Routine is a discipline, and discipline is what gets things done. So hang tough and work hard to develop that new routine and it will pay dividends in summer.