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Erin White – Le Race eeeek, what have I got myself into!!

First thoughts upon hearing I had won the TeamCP Le Race competition, were eeek! I never win anything!  Uh oh what have I got myself into!  After laughing at myself for most of the morning I finally said.  “Well I always wanted to do the race, now I have the opportunity to, so let’s get training”.


First things first, I gave my bike a wash in the hope that if I treated it right it would be nice to me 🙂  Competition was probably very good timing as have a niggle in one of my Achilles so changing focus to bike will give my Achilles time to settle down hopefully.  Although back is protesting a bit being back on bike, thought it might be bike set up so got that checked out with Scotty, but nope time to get some core work in.  2 caesareans will do that to you though I guess.


Apart from riding to Motonau (from Glenmark) a couple of times, have not spent a lot of time on any hills, most recent bike rides have been on trainer inside or on the flat (not a lot of hill options in Kaiapoi).  So plan is to try and get to the hills once a week.


Caught up with Richard this week to discuss goals, I had not really thought past finishing 🙂 hence the getting off bike unassisted is part of my goal as I imagine after 100km on the bike my body will have a thing or two to say.


Training wise this week, after thunder, lightning and hail riding up Dyers Pass last week, this week’s hill ride was very calm weather wise.  Rode up Dyers and then around Summit Road to Sumner where my support crew were chasing seagulls on the beach and visiting the café.  I have not been around the Summit Road post earthquake, I felt like I was MTB’ing at one point!  Although I must say it was nice having the road closed and no cars zooming past you.  Sometimes the success of my ride is based on how many cars I have yelled at; well it is usually the first thing I report on when I get home anyway (Geoff just shakes his head at me)


Christmas next week so trying to figure out when I am going to have my rest day, I think I want to fit a ride in somewhere on Christmas day so I don’t feel guilty indulging in all the goodies, but usually ride first thing in morning and get home just as kids are getting up and I don’t want to miss Santa excitement…..I guess not a bad dilemma to have but what to do……