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Erin White – busy, busy, busy

Erin White Team CP athlete cyclist -Busy, busy, busy, Christmas, holidays, birthday, fishing, diving lots to fit in + training of course.

Heading away this week I was not sure how I was going to fit everything in not only was there the children to fit things around but also importantly needed to fit things around tides for fishing and diving; priorities changed a bit this week, my queen of the fish title was up for grabs again.

I think I have felt every emotion since my last post.

Determined to beat my 870 hill metres from last hill mission

Exhausted from being up very early with a child

Pleased, with myself when I still went for my ride, lots of talking myself into it before it actually got done, but still did it

Happy/Smug, still Queen of the fish

Joy/Love, when Miss Emily (my oldest) greeted me on my return from my ride with a very excited and happy “your back”

Disappointed, when I realized that Amberley is not just round the next bend as I hadn’t yet past the Hamner turn off 🙁

Ecstatic, 977 metres on my last hill mission, didn’t think I would have beaten the 870, will break 1000 next time

I feel like it has been a merry go round of a week with the different time constraints to juggle, although I have enjoyed riding on different terrain in a different area it was like a wee holiday in itself within the training. But with the different challenges it brings, I question my sanity as we are now considering heading away again (dependent on a sick child recovering), although different hills for another hill mission…..1000 here I come.