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Emma Hayes – It’s sNOw excuse



Last time I updated the blog I was finishing up my first four weeks and embarking into the unknown of the next four weeks.

The last few weeks have involved spending more time on my feet and practicing carrying compulsory race gear and nutrition. For the last two Sunday’s, I have headed out on two 3 hour walks with my partner in crime Jenn who is also training for the marathon distance in the Taraweras. We’ve headed out come hail, rain or shine.

I am usually a fair weather runner/walker and of course, the weather has not been obliging the last two Sundays. The first Sunday I headed up the Rapaki, traversed the Crater Rim joining Mitchell’s track and Gilpin’s Track before heading down Mount Vernon and to Fava for a well deserved coffee and slice. It was great getting up into the hills and you will all remember the beautiful fresh snow up there.

Last Sunday I headed out again but this time in the rain. It was non-stop for 3 hours. This time I headed up Bowenvale which is one of my favourite ways onto the Port Hills. The terrain is so mixed and it is a fun way to make your way up to Summit Road. At the top, I jumped onto the Crater Rim and headed down the Harry El track and back round to Bowenvale. By hour 2 I was a bit over it as every inch of me was wet and sodden.

I have learned a lot about wearing the right gear. The first week I headed out I wore quite minimal gloves and I did well to keep all 10 fingers. I upgraded for the second week and kept my hands toasty for the first two hours before they submitted to the rain.

The next few weeks will be more gym sessions along with lots of ab work. If I happen to laugh or cough in a weird way, it’s because my abs feel like they may explode. Good to know there are some muscles in there though! As well as the gym work, I am also doing my first hill run up the Rapaki along with a 10km time trial. Almost 8 weeks into the training and I’m still loving every minute of it. Now it is only 12 weeks to race day…almost at the halfway mark.

I think I’m starting to ramble…a bit like my long walks so I’ll leave it there.

Until next time…