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Emma Hayes – An Update

emma hayes smAfter a nice restful weekend in Hanmer Springs, I was feeling set for week 1 of the training programme which started on Monday. This is the foundation phase of the training. The first few weeks are about laying down the ground work for whats to come in the next few months. I’m currently scheduled to do three runs per week. The running side of things have been nothing out of the ordinary and I’m delighted to squeeze in two of my three sessions with CP, particularly with the cold days motivation can easily slump.

A big part of the programme is getting into the gym and doing some strength work. Simon has me doing lots of erg work. I thought I had officially retired from the erg after finishing up my rowing ‘career’ in 2011, however it seems Simon is having me make a comeback. I’m finding the gym stuff manageable but getting a few aches and pains as I’ve neglected this stuff for a while. I’m looking forward to two or three weeks down the track when I start to feel stronger and more able for multiple minutes of planking and squatting.

Until next time..