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Corinne lined up over the weekend to race Noosa 100km Enduro. Corinne shares her experience with us below after using our CP Zwift sessions as her main training platform.

I went into Noosa 100km Enduro with a tonne of ZWIFT training under my belt, and a few limited on the trail skill sessions.

With Noosa being a tester for WHAKA100 I wanted to see what I had learnt so far and what needed to change or implement before the next phase of training.

I already know I need to get back on the trails more but family aka 2 tiny toddlers, and life (sickness and finishing my bachelor degree) is just getting in the way of my outdoor fun and adventures. But what I really wanted to see is how these race specific quality Team CP training sessions were going to pay off! Should I even make it to the end of the race?!? I was willing to give it a crack and packed a $20 in my pocket just in case I needed a taxi back to the finish.

During the race there were a few things popping up from the sessions and I had Coach Richard Greer’s voice in my head saying “Around this corner and open the throttle a bit.” It surprised me how much ground I could gain to catch back onto people that might have pulled away slightly, “Grab a drink and no looking at your bottle as you put it back in” believe me this came up as a guy constantly had to stop to take a drink before repassing each other. YES, I can drink and ride!


 “Find a hard gear and grind away; Up and sprint” those long climbs I could do just that and apply the extra power to bump over a root or rocky line up hill then the best was all those LONG laps we do holding our best pace or above because 20 odd Km from the line from what I thought was the top of the last real hill my thought was “Alright, Full gas here, all the way to the line” every turn, every hill, every person I saw ahead I chased hard to catch their wheel, ride past or work with to get myself some rest whilst still racing to the line.


Those TEAM CP sessions HURT more times than I would like to admit; I bury myself a lot and doubt that there has been much improvement, but believe me there has been loads of improvement and I’m so thankful and grateful for each person who has showed up to training and has been a part of the session twice a week. The end results for the 100km MTB had me cross the line 3rd in AG and 11th OA female in a time of 6hrs 12min.

‘AWESOME EFFORT CORINNE’… Congratulations from the Team at CP.