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Cloud 9 Floatation Therapy: My Experience

The simplicity of running a bath at home and taking 20mins to soak and relax often is too much to fit into our busy day and lifestyle. “We don’t have time”. So the concept of taking an hour and a half out of our day to “Float” for many of us would seem unnecessary and unrealistic.

Let me tell you now…it is not. It is the best thing you could possibly do for yourself this year.

Not often do we get the opportunity to actually float. 100% relaxed. 0% active. More often than not, when we are in water we are active, either showering or exercising. And because we are there for a purpose we don’t often stop and think about the sensation of the water on our body or the benefits of relaxing in water.

However there are many, and my appreciation for allowing myself to take time out of my day to escape my ‘To Do List’ was heightened when recently I visited Cloud 9 Float Club.

The Experience

From my first contact of making a booking, through to walking back out the door into the cold rainy evening, my experience was just as you would expect from a Therapy Centre aiming to provide the ultimate relaxation experience. Welcoming, easy and so relaxing.

From the moment I walked into reception I felt a sense of calm and tranquility. Whatever was on my mind was left at the door, because while in these four walls I didn’t need to concern myself with anything but me.

I was shown to a beautifully appointed private room and given a full brief about how to make the most of my Float, and then I was left to enjoy. After showering, I climbed into the Pod and closed the lid.
Yes, you are fully enclosed. Prior to going along for my session, I thought there is no way I would close the lid, that would be too claustrophobic! But this wasn’t the case. The Pod is roomy and comforting. So I lay down and starting floating. For the first 10mins gentle music played and during this time I found it hard to 100% let go and allow my body to simply float. I felt like I should be holding myself up or needed to tense my neck muscles to keep my head up, but I soon trusted that I didn’t need to do this – the water literally had my back.

As the music faded out, I choose to reach for the button to turn off the light. Plunging myself into complete darkness while inside a closed Pod wasn’t something I felt very comfortable about. But through the use of my breath and focusing my thoughts on the sensation of floating, I pushed any fear aside, knowing I was now embracing the full experience. Throughout the next 45mins my mind and body passed through different emotions, feelings, states of consciousness and thought patterns. And I simply let them come and go as I floated through ‘space’.

When the music faded back in to gently bring me back to Earth, I switched on the light and wiggled my fingers and toes to see if they were still attached! It may be hard to believe, but you actually become part of the water. With the only sensation of where my skin met the water, I felt around my face.

Once out of the Pod I had another shower, enjoying the beautiful skin products on offer, then got dressed and stepped out of my escape back into reality.

The Benefits

For the rest of the evening I literally felt on Cloud 9! Incredibly relaxed, and I noticed how soft my skin felt. But the benefits didn’t stop there. I slept like a baby that night, woke relaxed and calm the next morning with no sore muscles from my training session the day before, and had heightened focus and productivity towards my work. And even after a few days, I was still noticing all these things. From simply giving myself just 1.5hrs, I was enjoying many days (not just hours) of positives.

Spending an hour soaking in Epsom Salts is great way to recover from training; actively assisting the repairing of our muscles, flushing of toxins and reduction of inflammation. Plus the absorption of the salts is beautiful for our skin and our body as a whole, with amazing internal effects. It also reminds us that training isn’t just about being out ‘doing’, recovery is a vital component to achieving our fitness goals. I can also see this being a great place for developing mental skills and visualization techniques in preparation for an event.

Plus of course, it is so relaxing! And is great for lowering stress levels and providing clarity, putting everyday life back into perspective.

The Why

We expect a lot from our body and are often guilty of not always giving back what it deserves in order to allow us to continue enjoying life 100% healthy and at full speed.

There are many wellness opportunities, therapies and theories available to us in todays’ world, and we can’t try them all. However Floating Therapy is definitely one to consider. I’ve tried it for you and I highly recommend you make time one week to take 1.5hrs out for yourself to rest and repair.

When considering when to fit this into your day, choose a time of day that will allow you to fully relax. Carefully choose a time that means you aren’t rushing to or from the session, and if you don’t have anything pressing to do after the session, even better. This will allow your mind to truly escape, rather than be thinking about ‘all the other things you should be doing right now’.

This was my first float, but it won’t be my last. As a first time experience I was a little uncertain, didn’t know what to expect and wasn’t sure how I’d feel. But I loved it! So I want to go back so I can build on the first time benefits.

I get the feeling no two floats will be the same.

Penelope Watson
Team CP Coach
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