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Bryan Prestidge: Tour Aotearoa – the gear…

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been sorting out prices for the gear I still need to buy and getting in a few short rides, to test out the new bike. I’ve just had a bike fit done, to make sure there is maximum power and comfort from minimum input, and, of course, watched the TdF.

The riding plan for the rest of July is to continue with indoor rides (watching TdF replays) and get in a couple of 5-6hr days over the weekends, to get ready for the “The Coaster”2 day mini-brevet in Cheviot on August 1st and 2nd. I’ll be testing out some new bags etc on the longer rides.

And just so I don’t get bored, I’ve resigned from my job and will be setting up as a self-employed Quantity Surveyor in Timaru shortly.

So, the gear I’ll need.
After dredging the internet, reading blogs etc and from previous outdoors experience, I’ve made up my first gear list, which will be added to, subtracted from and generally changed as I get away on more trips. Obviously, using the gear, talking to others, changing bag systems etc will affect the final load, but you’ve got to start somewhere. Each trip I go on, I’ll make notes on what gear was / wasn’t needed, what worked / didn’t work etc.

Tour Aotearoa Gear List
Storage Location Type / Brand  Tested on trips  Tested on trips
Bike, 2×10 Shimano SLX/XT drivetrain Specialised Epic Carbon Comp
Rear rack – bolt to seat post with 15L dry bag and custom made straps for jacket and pocket for Spot tracker Phillips rack, Kathmandu dry bag
Front  – handlebar roll – type to be sorted TBA
Top Tube – front bag TBA
Top Tube – rear bag TBA
feed bags on bars (2?) TBA
Dynamo Hub fitted to front wheel
USB stem cap mounted dynamo outlet
Power pack?
Mtb shoes wear LG carbon T Flex
Merino socks wear
Bib shorts wear Tinelli – The Cyclery
Short sleeve merino T wear
Bike top wear
Gloves wear Tinelli
Gloves – different type carry and swap every few hours Specialised?
Helmet wear
2 waterbottles bike
Cash ($200) Pocket of riding jersey
Credit card Back Bag
Eftpos card Pocket of riding jersey
I Phone Pocket of riding jersey
Garmin 800 Bike
Charger plug, cord and connectors Rear bag
Water treatment tablets (20?) front TT bag
Headlight – USB charge front TT bag or on helmet
Headlight – dynamo bike
Tail light – USB charge bike
Jetboil unit Rear bag
Matches in Jetboil
spare spokes – 2 of each with tent poles
spoke tool rear TT bag
Tent front bag Big Agnes 2 person
sleeping bag front bag Kathmandu Pathfinder
silk liner for sleeping bag front bag
sleeping mat front bag (or maybe under rear bag) Kathmandu Hike 25
Duct tape(small roll) rear TT bag
wire ties(10) with tent poles
Spot tracker top of rear bag
Sleeve material to repair tyre sidewall rear TT bag
length of twine rear bag
pocket knife front TT bag
toilet paper front bag
Spare glasses (sun glasses) Front TT bag
First Aid Rear TT bag
Survival blanket Rear TT bag
Voltaren tablets (8) with first aid
Antihistamines (4) SWAT kit
spare tubes (2) 1 in SWAT, 1 in Rear bag
Puncture repair kit SWAT kit
Gas cannisters (2) 1 in SWAT, 1 in Rear bag
pump with tent poles
tyre lever SWAT kit
Multitool SWAT kit
chain breaker SWAT kit
chain link SWAT kit
chain lube Rear TT bag
Rear derailleur hanger Rear TT bag
Stans liquid (60mm) Rear TT bag
Suncream, small tube AloeUp front TT bag
Chamois cream Front TT bag
antiseptic wipes rear bag
Toothbrush and paste rear bag
Towel (microfibre) rear bag
Bib shorts-different brand to other pair? rear bag
Merino socks rear bag
slip-on jandals rear bag
Skins longs rear bag
cotton T shirt rear bag
Long sleeve 200gm Merino top rear bag
300gm Merino long sleeve top rear bag
Showers pass rain jacket Front bag
Windvest top of rear bag
Merino Beanie rear bag
Merino liner gloves rear bag
Merino 150gm short sleeve T rear bag
Knee warmers top of rear bag
Arm warmers top of rear bag
Merino shorts rear bag
day snacks – scroggin,OSM,bars feed bags
spare snacks (2 days worth) rear bag
Dehy meals (Back Country and rice) 3 rear bag
Muesli Breakfast 3-4 days rear bag
spoon (use cup with Jetboil as plate) with jetboil
Coffee rear bag
Milk powder – premix muesli and coffee? rear bag
Send to a pickup point in Wellington?
disc brake pads
bottom bracket
pedal cleats
Bib shorts, 1 or 2 pair
socks, 2 pair
merino T shirt
Return Courier bag