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74: ISUZU WHAKA 100 2022 EP1 – HOW TO WHAKA100

ISUZU Whaka 100 2022: HOW TO WHAKA 100 brought to you by CP MEDIA

In our first episode of the 2022 season, we unlock the secrets of how to get to the start line fit, fresh, injury free with a plan of attack for the day. We have four great guests to help us do that.

Michelle Vorster – Michelle is a x2 Olympian from Namibia now living in NZ and is looking forward to her first crack at racing the Whaka 100.

Aaron Hooper – Team CP Coach, Aaron, discusses your foundation phase of your build up. In other words what are the key things that you need to do now to be able to train well over the next few months.

Anita Goodman – We introduce you to Anita Goodman who we will follow throughout her build-up to the 100km event in October. Anita smashed out the 50km event in 2020 and is looking forward to taking the next step in her Whaka development by adding the 100km medal to her collection.

Tim Farmer –We wrap up the show with Race Director Tim Farmer about the key planning and logistic elements that you should be thinking about now to help you have an awesome race day.


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