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53: Kathmandu Coast to Coast S4 E1 : 40 YEAR ANNIVERSARY EDITION brought to you by CP MEDIA

Kathmandu Coast to Coast: 40 YEAR ANNIVERSARY EDITION brought to you by CP MEDIA

Joe Sheriff – Tonight we celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Kathmandu Coast to Coast by catching up with the winner of the inaugural Coast to Coast in 1983. 79 entrants lined up on Kumara beach and 77 finished – 28 team competitors and 49 individuals. Joe is lining up for the 2 day individual again 40 years after that initial adventure across the Southern Alps from Kumara to Christchurch.

Rob Howarth – Rob is an Auckland based Kayak coach and long-time supporter of the Kathmandu Coast to Coast and Multisport in general. We catch up with Rob to find out more about the Coast to Coast community and the support that is out there to help you achieve your race day goal.

Sophie Beaumont & Nicole Lloyd join us to round out the show. They are lining up for their first crack at the 2 Day Tandem Team Section. It has been on their bucket list for a long time and after canceled Covid travel plans they felt that this was a great time to really challenge themselves by taking on the Kathmandu Coast to Coast.


Matt Sherwood

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