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11: CP Media Kathmandu Coast to Coast Special 5th August 2020 – Kristina Anglem and Bevan Jones

Welcome back to our second show in season two as we build toward to the 2021 Kathmandu Coast to Coast.

This week we kick off with Kristina Anglem a legend of the sport and previous winner of the Womens Longest Day.  Arguably the best female athlete to ever race the event finishing 6th overall in 2005.

We chat to Bevan Jones who won the 2 Day Individual this year.  We find out more about his background, how his race unfolded and if he will be back for 2021.

We also check in with Matt Bateman and see how he is progressing towards his first crack at the 2 day Tandem Team Event. Matt completed the Mtn Run in 2020 as part of a 3 person team. He loved it so much he signed up the next day with his flatmate and first timer Thomasina.


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