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Group Cycling

Group Cycling Sessions

Every group session that we run has a specific focus that will allow you to learn new skills, challenge yourself and practice them in a fun, safe environment.

Our Coaches are passionate about what they do and want to help you become the best you can be.  In each session we will challenge you to your level.  This is achieved by riders completing more or less laps of a specific circuit or faster riders are sent on detours to ensure that everyone arrives at the some time and no one is left behind.



If you would like to know more about Bunch Riding check out our video as your first step and join into our group sessions to practice and complete one of our regular Bunch Riding Basics courses to ensure that you are confident to turn up to your event and have a great day out.


CP Summer Group Rides

Join our team to build up to your next event. Develop your skills, fitness, strength and speed to help you nail that PB or finish the ride for the first time. These classes run from the start of daylight savings over summer September-April.

Wednesday Cycle Group Due to numbers attending on Wednesday we break into smaller groups to ensure you get feedback on your riding and stay safe on the roads. Groups are broken up based on fitness level and how speedy you are the bike. Each ride has a skill and fitness focus so if you are just starting out or been doing it for years you will be challenged to the right level due to the interval nature of the ride and our experienced coaching team.
Sunday Morning Group Ride All levels are catered for and this is achieved due to the interval based nature of the ride. Have a good honest ride in a fun group environment and finish off with Coffee at Coffee Culture Beckenham. Join us to help build up to your next event and make the most of your training time.
Bunch Riding Basics Learn the unwritten rules of bunch riding so you can turn up to your event confident in the knowledge that you can keep yourself safe and perform to your potential.

Meet at the back of Pioneer Sport and Rec Centre 75 Lyttleton street at 4.45pm

CP Winter Group Rides

Join our team to have some fun, keep yourself honest and maintain your fitness over the winter period. These classes run over winter from the end of daylight savings April-September.

Tour de Spin Winter session May-Sept

With the Tour de France on the big screen, follow your favourite riders… attack them on the famous climbs… and win the sprint FINISH!! The best thing about our Tour de Spin class is that there will be so much going on and you will be having so much fun that you will forget how much effort that you are putting in. The key to a wind trainer session is short and sharp with a technique focus – this way you will get the biggest improvement and set yourself up with a great start to the summer ahead.

Sunday Morning Group Ride All levels are catered for and this is achieved due to the interval based nature of the ride. Have a good honest ride in a fun environment and finish off with Coffee at Coffee Culture Beckenham. There is no excuse for hibernating over the winter so join the crew and keep yourself honest.
Wednesday Cycle Group Level 1 Twilight Ride through April

Our CP Wednesday ride is a great way to maintain that summer riding fitness and have fun with a group motivated group of people. It is an interval based session so you will be challenged, your riding will improve and no one if left behind. We use quiet residential side roads under street lights to ensure everyone is safe and make sure that you bring your lights, reflective gear is great also and appropriate clothing for the conditions.

Team CP 'Backroad 200'

Are you looking for a great ride to finish your bike season?

Team CP ‘Backroad 200’
The annual Team CP Backroad 100 ride returns again for 2018. Raising the bar, this ride has been re-named the Backroad 200 and in 2018 sees us cover 200kms over three days, riding through the beautiful Waitaki Valley and Oamaru areas.
20-22nd April 2018

"The Team CP group rides are a great way of pushing yourself really hard, whilst actually having fun."

Sarah Wylie

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