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Why I needed a why that was mine!

The restlessness at the beginning of the day, working away on everything but my fitness, and riding home over a railway bypass that felt more difficult than usual highlighted the need to get a goal, a Big Hairy Audacious Goals (B-HAGS), and fast.


In the nature of my work coaching there’s always something, a race or a challenge to work towards. They usually get suggested by someone and the journey starts with a “Yeah, I could do that…” and the training begins. But this time was different.


 You hear the idea chucked around that we need a ‘why’ to truly do our goals justice and I absolutely believe this is true. However, I have a big hairy question to go with that which I don’t think many people actually consider.. Is it your why? Is it truly something you want to do because you want to do it?  This was what I posed to myself anyway. Sure Challenge Wanaka is a cool idea as is Godzone, and sure I’ll do them one day simply because I can. Right now though, I wanted to do something because I wanted to do it, not just because it’s there.  There have been races and challenges on my list that I’ve put in a box in the past. I really want to do them but not just yet box.  Well if not start towards them now then when?


So the box got opened and I’ve pulled out a nice big hairy one, and I feel alive again, thriving again in not just my physical wellbeing but mentally across everything I pursue.  I don’t believe there are any goals or events that can’t be done by putting your mind to it, committing and having a desire to do it. If you do then start small and build.  It could be a two, six, twelve or even 24 month preparation to get there. There could be multiple attempts and learnings you didn’t expect. It could consume you, but ultimately its a drive and a journey. My BHAG has me fizzing, planning, cohorting and excited and its almost a year away, it’s not even in this continent which poses challenges of its own.  The challenge and the benefits of simply working towards it take care of everything. I’m more driven not only physically but in my work, my business and ultimately my purpose.


So if you don’t have a BHAG and life’s getting you down then get one by simply asking yourself: What is extraordinary to you? and make it “Your extraordinary”.