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Rest week and having some fun – Isobel Stout

Last week ended with my first attempt at a real hill, Westmorland. It wasn’t pretty and I am very glad no one witnessed it! There may have been a bail out detour required at Sedgwick St but that was only so I could do a U turn and continue on up the hill minus the imminent cardiac arrest!
So this week was meant to have been a rest week but it hasn’t really felt like it, probably because I have filled the non training time with other things. There is daily yoga and having to consult a massage therapist about my lymphoedema. If anyone wants to know more about this condition just holler. So this morning’s programme had me going up Flowers Track in Sumner as there is a treat at the top for me.

Check this swing out.swing

Getting inverted or even just getting your legs above your heart is wonderful recovery and with this swing you get to sway back and forth too, I love it! You could do acroyoga on this…

Get a load of them socks!