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Race plans and being prepared! – Jennifer McBride

I have just finished the Catch Fitness 20 Week Challenge and the last 4-5 months seem to have whizzed by in a flash. To end the challenge Pumped Training (where I train) hold a fun run event and I entered the half marathon. My race plan was to try and emulate some of what I plan to do when I run the Queenstown marathon in a couple of months. I rested up last week and only did a couple of shorter runs. I was seriously twitchy and ready to run by the time Sunday rolled round. I was nervous but felt prepared. The run went really well and I was pleased with my pace and my form. Unfortunately my legs weren’t too happy towards the end of the run but hopefully once I get a few more long runs in, they will cope better with the distance I am preparing them for!

As with any plan there is always something that is bound to go awry. I wrote a list of what I needed for the day and a couple of omissions made me realise the importance of double checking everything. It was a bit chilly on arrival as I left the puffer jacket at home (wasn’t on the list) and I only planned for it being cold (only took long sleeved run tops) which in the end wasn’t really a problem but it spun me out a bit at the start!

Also, I had rehearsed in my head how I would warm up, with a focus on some of the static exercises I had practiced in my training. What actually happened on the day was I got so busy catching up with everyone and chatting, that the warm up plan went right out of my head which could explain some of the soreness in my muscles this week!

My nutrition during the run seemed to be adequate but I think that perhaps I may still need to eat a bit more either for breakfast or carry more fuel with me. This time I tried eating something within half an hour of finishing my run which is something I don’t normally do. My stomach didn’t really appreciate the new plan so I might have to re-think post-race refuelling!

So, this week my focus shifts from my 20 week challenge goals to fully focusing on the Queenstown marathon – back into the training and long runs. I see on my training plan I have a few 30km runs coming up – when I first saw them written down I had heart palpitations and having just run 21km, a full marathon distance just seems daunting and a bit overwhelming at times. However, the power of the BHAG is that it gets you out of thinking too small. And it wouldn’t be a BHAG if it wasn’t a little bit scary….