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Nathan Wilson

What event are your training for and what is your goal?
Coast to Coast – Longest Day

What it is your motivation for wanting to achieve this?
I want to show my son that anything you set your mind on, you can achieve.

What is your background and how did you get into your sport?
Ironman triathlete who is looking for a change and a new challenge.

What is your favourite event/or training mission so far?
My first team adventure race in April was great fun.

Tough, but enjoyable and out of the box compared to Ironman.

What is your favourite training ride/run/kayak/swim etc?
I really enjoy the kayak. Being new to adventure racing, I love getting in the kayak in the dark and paddling up the creek while the sun is coming up. Except for the things that move in the murky water next to the boat!

Who is your inspiration?
My wife and son.

Who is your biggest fan?
My son, Penn. He always asked when the next race is and always wants to be there.

Do you have an inspirational quote that you would like to share?
‘Know your why.” – My mate Cheyno told me that, and when you’re deep in the hurt box it keeps you going.

What is your favourite recovery food?
Is beer classed as food?

Any other comments?
If you need to learn how to throw a boomerang, I’m your man.