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It’s been awhile…

So I will apologise now for the lengthy gaps between blogs,  I have no real excuse.  I had a good few weeks of training, although this weekend has definitely been the best, but I’ll get to that.  I think when I left off I was still recovering from a chest infection and we were about to start the school holidays.  The chest infection stuck around for quite some time and somewhere between then and now also developed a sinus infection, it is nice to say that after two rounds of antibiotics I am finally starting to feel my old self again.  I haven’t really felt like that since before radiation.

Anyway the holidays started off well with 2 mountain bike rides through Mcleans Island.  I am really enjoying the thrill of mountain biking, and although I think I am more of a natural road biker, mountain biking definitely has its place.  It has been great to train with my Spring Challenge team mates as well.  So far, touch wood, I havent fallen on my bike yet either.  During the first week we also managed a hike around Godley Heads, this was the  first time we, as a team of 3, had been altogether. It was great fun and we chatted the whole way round.  I was impressed at how well my lungs held up.  I was a little sore the next day however, which, I guess when you haven’t really done much for 10 weeks is to be expected.  It did feel good to be out training again.  The first week also consisted of short gym exercises and a  couple of wind training sessions. Great indoor exercises, consider how miserable the weather was.

The second week came round and I jet setted off to a warmer climate.  I headed to Sydney for a long overdue catch-up with my little sister, while there I managed to convince her to do the Challenge Wanaka with me, so this will become my focus after Spring Challenge.  I am really excited about this, as not only do I get to compete with my sister (who by the way is a great runner) I get to do the fun bits of the Challenge without having to train for the run! If you haven’t guessed I have a strong dislike of running, ironic considering how many half marathons Ive done.  I think I blame TeamCP for introducing me to other sports. Anyway, my sister is currently training for a half marathon in a few weeks so we went out for a few longer walks, I never noticed how hilly Sydney was until now!!!


So we are now into the first week back to school, I have almost finished my antibiotics and Im feeling the best I have felt in 12 weeks! I have managed to turn all my training peak exercises (training programme used) to green which is even more exciting. This week I’ve cycled, swam and hiked, with this weekend being the biggest weekend since April, according to strava.  Yesterday I did a 30km bike ride out to Sumner. I truly loved being back on the bike, and with no major breeze and a cool temperature it was ideal and today my Spring Challenge team bagged a couple of peaks.  We started at the bottom of the Mt Vernon track carpark and walked our way to the top (took the the obligatory photo) and then continued around the crater rim to sugar loaf and then down Harry Ells. Wow, we really do live in a beautiful part of the country! I had never walked the Mt Vernon track or that part of Crater rim, and both are stunning, with the views over the city and lyttelton breathtaking.

9 weeks till Spring Challenge and I have a lot to do. This week is similar to last week, and we have decided to try bowenvale track next week.  Im looking forward to it already.  PS I also had my first go at flipout, I think that is probably the hardest workout of the lot!