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Isobel – the real reason cycle helmets should always be compulsory




magpieIt’s that time of year again when the magpies see cyclists as imminent threats to their nests and test the qualities of one’s cycle helmet. I was very pleased that mine kept the claws off my head and also showed no ill effects from the repeated onslaughts. I gave this particular individual lots of practice as I was going up and down Hoon Hay Valley Rd. This was Saturday morning as the weather turned abruptly southerly and rained on me as I headed out to Lincoln. I won’t repeat details here, see my everyday hero page, and whilst over there get a load of the new total! I’ll keep shifting the goal posts as long as I can!

This morning I took off early up Mt Vernon on the Dry Ridge Track. Cue another of my growing collection of photos of steps. These were particularly nuggety and fun. nuggety stepsI got rained on again but was well away when the NW gale blew through. I should put a big shout out to John Bull Cycles here where I picked up a winter weight cycle vest in their sale. These are excellent for walking trails for the same reasons they work on the bike, big back pockets to stash stuff in, windproof and showerproof chest protection, grippy hem, zip up/down to suit etc.

I began yet another challenge today too. That is ’40 days to personal revolution’ at Apollo Power Yoga. I am already a nearly daily yoga practitioner but I am particularly interested to see if I can integrate meditation and some structured introspection into the mix. I think this will be particularly interesting given that the event I have totally engaged in has been postponed for 12 months. Onwards and upwards, one step at a time!