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Isobel – kit that works for me

One of the advantages of being an older soul is that over the years I’ve tried out loads of different kit and equipment so you’d think I had pretty much figured out what I like and what works well for me. Thing is that new products and refinements of older ones keep coming along and so I am just working out that the world of sports and fitness hasn’t half moved on since I last looked some 5 years ago.

I’ve been very short sighted since I was about 10 yrs old. Unless I use contact lenses (and I have in the past but can’t be bothered now) the world of fancy sports sunglasses is largely denied me. Now I’m ‘older’ my focal length for reading is heading in the other direction! I want to have sunglasses I can wear on the bike that protect my eyes from the wind, let me see clearly, work in bright and low light and it would also be nice to be able to read my cycle computer when it’s on my stem. Check out my Adidas ‘Evil Eye’. I came across the sunglasses in one of Torpedo7’s terrific sales. Keeping a look out for this sort of bargain can really pay off as prescription lenses don’t tend to come cheap. A bit of googling showed they come in a small size, (great for women), adjustable all over the place, interchangeable coloured lenses included, with a yellow for low light, and can take an inserted prescription lens. Off to my favourite opticians, T+S at Northwood and hey presto, clear vision, a lens for every weather condition and they look the part. Even in the drizzle at the Brunch Ride, sunglasses of this lens colour can make a big difference for comfort and clarity.




evil eye

One of my other favourite bits of kit are Ground Effect’s ‘Chipolatas’ gloves. Newer materials mean I can have gloves that fit snugly, keep my hands warm and dry and I can still work the controls. No more mashing or missing the levers!


St Martins stairs

On the training front, Fleur continues to unleash her stash of stairs on me. I actually really enjoy them; honestly! I was just having a bit of fun here for the camera. I am also doing circuits and bumps on the ‘Downs’ more and more. Got up to 8 bumps yesterday… Hmm I wonder how many bumps it will take to equal Coronet Peak?