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Isobel – CP Group added and more adventures in the hills

Joined in my first CP group cycle ride this week, we had fun with wacky races and a bit of clowning around in good company. This addition to my timetable has meant I have had to experiment with altering the timing  and content of my meals so I am neither full nor hungry at 6pm. Beck and I have been working on me becoming much more intuitive around diet and sorting out what is genuine hungry eating and what is non-hungry eating. I get to practice both sides as I have to eat when not hungry in order to be able to handle the 6pm group ride but then revert back to hungry eating again later. I got it mostly right this week, more fine tuning will help. If anyone is interested in this approach get hold of “If Not Dieting, Then What?” a book by Rick Kausman. I found this really transformative.

This weekend I had a longer, flatter ride to start building some more endurance. I was caught up just after the ‘downs’ by a really nice Ironman. We chatted all the way along OTT road and on to Ellesmere Rd. I got to show him the quiet alternative Peryman Rd from Tai Tapu that avoids most of the main road to Lincoln that is often so busy. Thanks again for your company Ironman. We agreed that cyclists are much more likely to join up and chat like this compared to runners or walkers; with swimming it’s out of the question really! Lots of friendly waves and nods from cyclists coming the the other way too.

Sunday morning and I’m off exploring Bowenvale and found the Hidden Valley track to challenge my fitness and balance up the rocks and steps. In places I even had to uncover the track from all the spring growth! Loads of crazy, fast MTBers to watch on the other side of the gulley. Fleur promised me off road and a bit more rugged, I sure found it. I love this more challenging walking, the steps you have to take vary constantly and I find my balance is awful! This is great strength training too. Found some pretty flowers to make a good excuse for a breather and to take a picture!

Can’t be that Hidden if I can find it! hidden valley


I am going to have a great collection of photos of steps at this rate.

Keep ’em coming Fleur!

green steps