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Hamish Horn

What event are your training for and what is your goal?
Motutapu Xterra
What it is your motivation for wanting to achieve this?
Got to set goals, not to mention having fun
What is your background and how did you get into your sport?
Terrible at sport as a kid. Started cycling with Lord Ludds (Andrew Luddington) and after my first 100km cycle race Team CP took over and are responsible for a large part of the result.
What is your favourite event/or training mission so far?
Abel Tasman Cycle Challenge was a favourite albeit now no more. Coast to Coast and Blue Dog 6hr MTB
They set goals and I was able to see what I could achieve.
What is your favourite training ride/run/kayak/swim etc?
No one favourite as such but anything involving the Port hills. They are pregnant with choices not to mention right on our doorstep.
Who is your inspiration?
Other Team CP athletes, but most importantly my son Alex.
Who is your biggest fan?
Definitely my son Alex
Do you have an inspirational quote that you would like to share?
Stay relaxed… don’t push the tempo, First time you want to pick it up, dont. the second time, don’t… and the third time… you won’t be able to. (Above the door of Frontrunner Colombo. Thanks Oska)
What is your favourite recovery food?
Coffee Culture Mixed berry smoothies
Any other comments?
The race is the result of all the work you put in before, but the best part is realising what you have just achieved, the fun you had getting there and the awesome people you meet along the way. Racing and Training, if done right is like a drug that gives you a few lows, but the highs are the best part. It will always leave you wanting more.