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Erin White – lessons and reminders

Well we did head away again so the holiday got longer and I am using that as my excuse as to why it has been a while since my last update.  Haven’t done another hill mission so no cracking of the 1000 🙁


I keep saying that being away training in different terrain was like being on a holiday and it has been great I have really enjoyed my time training in different terrain and I cannot complain about this view while riding.  But with  holidays you also get the first week back at work which is always tough, and I definitely have been finding it tough the last few weeks, with fitting everything in, being tired from probably doing too much, and struggling to get motivated for some rides.  A few of my lessons and reminders I have had the last few weeks;

  • Don’t construct/build things on the ground and then climb hills the next day as chances are all the bending over nailing and sawing will mean your hamstrings will be sore!
  • Your glasses need cleaning every now and again as when you are riding into the sun it is like your windscreen, if it is dirty you won’t be able to see!
  • Do a better job of checking the weather; after a 2 hour slog to Oxford, my planned ride through Ashley Gorge was abandoned due to the gale winds and not having enough food for my now extended ride so I flew home in an hour with some puncture practice on the way. With being blown off the road, an untimely puncture and the ridiculous head winds, I honestly think the ride was trying to break me 🙂  Pleased to say my spirit survived to get on the bike again.


It has not just been about lessons thankfully I did tick something off the to do training list;

I rode the summit ride from Little River to Akaroa.  Scotty had said to me the Summit Road likes to torture you, you think you are at the top, but you go around a corner and BAM another rise!  Well I would have to agree with Scotty, it’s like the ride is saying Sucker every time you round one of those corners!!  Richard told me to take my time and enjoy the ride and the view, but it was a very windy day and a southerly, so COLD.  Needless to say I didn’t do any sightseeing.  It is good to train in these conditions but if anyone wants to join me on a training ride, be prepared for a windy day or s#@t weather as that is what I seem to get weather wise 🙂


riding with kidsReading back through this is not the most positive sounding of updates but training journeys are often filled with highs and lows so here is to next time and being out of this slump!  Added the pic because it always make me smile and reminds me that riding a bike can be fun.