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77: CP MEDIA LIVE 25 MAY 2022 – DAN JONES ‘Adventurer by Nature.’

This episode is brought to you by TRUE FLEECE

Dan Jones – Dan is an elite runner who has dominated the NZ running Scene over the past couple of years with wins both on the road with the Auckland and Christchurch Marathon as well as on the trails with the Iconic Kepler Challenge, Mission Mt Somers, and the fastest time over the Coast to Coast Mountain Run.

Dan shares with us his story of how he got into running and his path to the top level, how he trains (along with his current vertical metres total for the month), and his tactics for racing to his potential..

Simone Faulkner

We are excited to introduce Simone Faulkner to you who is our newest edition to our coaching team. Simone is passionate about her training, and racing and is excited to use her many years of experience to help others achieve their goals.

Coaches Corner – Team CP Endurance Coaches

Jess and Richard discuss the reverse periodisation model for ultra running. This is were you of build up for a shorter event early in your season before getting specific and going long as you dial in your ultra running legs for you key event.


Richard Greer – @ric.greer

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